Recipe: Butterscotch Suji Dry fruit (Eggless) Cake

Eggless baking is considered difficult by some, as we all love soft and fluffy cakes. But trust be eggless baking is easy and the cakes are soft too.  There can be various ways to baking a cake- in a cooker or oven. I have even heard baking cakes in tandoor. Lets take it up next time. Here in this post lest focus on Eggless cake baking in an oven.

This recipe is an eggless cake baked in convection oven. I forgot the clear recipe I learned online, so this recipe somehow was made for the first time in a fluke. Also few of my ingredients were finished but I was so excited to bake an eggless cake that day that I continued with whatever I had.

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Review: Fig-O-Honey Cloth Diaper

Cloth Diaper is not only an upgraded version of the traditional cloth nappies/langot that our mothers used but also closely comparable to the disposable ones. It soaks all the pee and provides a dry feel to the baby making it most comfortable without any use of chemicals or gels.
The very fact of a Cloth diaper being eco-friendly, economical, safe to my baby’s delicate skin is what attracted to me the most. And can we miss it’s super cool colours and patterns making the bum looks so adorable. Nah!!!

So I recently got this opportunity to try Fig-O-Honey pocket diapers. Keep reading to find out my experience.

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Is your new born having enough

As a mom, I was always worried since the day my baby arrived whether he is having enough? Is my milk enough for him? I even tried expressing and feeding him just to compare with what different sources recommend. Though it was said that if your breast feels light and your baby slept after each feeding and wet atleast 6 nappies a day- it’s going right.
But he may also sleep being tired sucking and sleep hungry or half full or he may pee 6 or more times as the temperature is little cold… Is that the case with me, that worry was making me nuts as I was told my baby is big, hence he may need more.
Being an engineer all the old moms solutions were not helping my anxious new mother’s mind. I needed numbers, I needed logics, I needed proofs.
After consulting with lot of paediatrics, talking to lot of new moms, reading various books and webs, I finally came to a conclusion that there is no rule or quantity (as mentioned on the formula milk) which can help tell you if your little one for enough and is content. Each baby is different and each day may also be different.

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Travelling with an infant

Travelling without planning may be therapeutic for few but with as a mommy with an infant to handle it may not be the case. You never know how would the baby react to the change; change in almost everything- place, people, temperature even small things like- his or her play mates, toys and what not.

You can’t carry his entire world with You, but with a little planning rather thoughtful planning things can be much much easier.

So first of all, first things first:

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