Review : SebaMed Baby Wash & Children’s Shampoo

Initially I had used skin care products that I had heard of from family and friends or from television commercials, one being baby soap and body wash. I couldn’t believe it, when my few days old son came out with small red spots and rash all over his chest and hands after bath. From then on I became very cautious about any skincare products that I would apply on him. I try to read all possible details on the brand’s product/website, product ratings, reviews and feedbacks.
I have tried Seba Med products in the past, So when I got a chance to try their baby care range I was a little assured of the brand at least.
For last one week we are using these products and have almost finished these samples. Interested to know more, keep reading to know about the products and my experience.
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Product Review: Peesafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer

We all love to travel, who doesn’t, but there is this constant worry and concerns for UTI while using public toilets. If you among the cleanliness freaks like me who always worry about the personal hygeine, then I have an answer to all your worries.
Recently I discovered this new revolutionary product @PeeSafe , a toilet seat sanitizer by Redcliffe Hygiene Pvt Ltd.
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