How to choose a right car?

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choose a right car
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As they say, a car is the second largest purchase you will ever make (after a house), so picking the right car for yourself is crucial. With so many brands and models available to choose, isn’t it an extremely difficult and a challenging process. Further to add to our confusion, new design and models are being introduced all the time too.

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More than 10 years of togetherness later, I am Cheating my Husband

We are a love cum arranged couple. I have known P since June 30, 2007. That was our first day of Management School and our first formal introduction or say first ever introduction which was formal (literally in formal business suits). He was a serious looking normal guy and I was a fun loving cheerful girl who never gave guys a second look. Love was never on mind, neither mine nor his..

Our journey began, and we became acquaintance. Coincidentally during each passing trimester, we were a part of almost of study groups. And we didn’t realize when our fondness grew enough to call it love. Yes, love it was, most of our friends knew whats cooking, before we could realize it ourselves.


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