Cloth Diaper Washing Tips and Tricks

Some tips to help wash and maintain your Superbottoms Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers are like advance versions of the traditional cloth nappies we have been traditionally using in our Indian houses. Washing cloth diaper is exactly similar to these cloth nappies. Its just the fact that the cloth diapers are normally one size diaper which can be reused till your baby is potty trained and can also be reused for next baby.

Hence few tips and tricks can help retain its quality and texture just like new and would add years to its life. So, today I would share some tips on how to wash and maintain the life of your lovely cute Superbottoms Cloth Diapers which is always hugging your baby’s bum and making it adorable.

First and foremost, always rinse them properly as soon as you change the dirty diapers. You may wash it immediately or store it till next wash cycle. In case you are travelling or not accessible to rinsing/washing wrap them and store them in the wet bags (also available at Superbottoms website). In case of poop, dispose off the solids immediately and soak them in warm water to avoid getting any stains.

If handwashing the cloth diapers, soak the rinsed diapers with a regular detergent for some time before you start washing them like regular baby clothes and rinse them multiple times till the water comes out clean. When using Washing machine, use the extra Rinse mode.

Coming back to some basics

  1. Wash them like regular clothes– You may wash your cloth diapers along with other clothes in washing machine and may also spin dry them. In case hand washing, it would be great to use good agitation so that the diapers are washed properly and free from any residue of pee or poop and the diapers are fresh enough for the next use. Don’t use a gentle wash or a heavy wash mode on your washine machine. Do not use brush on them. In case you still have any stain, make a thick paste of little water and washing powder, apply and keep it for a while and then wash properly till the entire detergent is washed out.
  1. Make a wash routine. It would be advisable to wash them alternate days, if you cant wash them daily. Not washing the used cloth diapers for more than 2 days may lead to mould built up on the diapers as they would be wet due to pee or rinsing and it may affects its performance in the long run. In case you are travelling or not accessible to washing, wash them as soon as possible to avoid any unwanted build up.
  1. Use the right amount of detergent. Cloth Dipers are considered very dirty laundry and hence using less detergent or less water will not make the cloth diapers clean enough for the next use. Also using more detergent will lead to detergent built up leading to problems in absorbency. The durability of soakers will also depends on your wash routine, so ensure you wash them clean with enough detergent and rinse enough.
  1. No Additional disinfectants: just ensure the diapers are washed properly and there is no detergent still left (you can see the water in last rinse coming out clean with no detergent froth) and sun dry them to disinfect. Any additional disinfectant like Dettol is not recommended on cloth diapers. The additives on dettol can cling to the fabric and cause irritation to baby’s soft and gentle skin and may also affect the absorbency of the diaper and soakers.

  1. Choosing the correct detergents: Use the regular detergent you use for washing other baby clothes or your clothes. Avoid using any liquid detergents, cloth softeners and soap bars. The liquid detergents contain softeners and additives which are not recommended to wash the cloth diapers. As said above, they may leave it some build up or leave residue which may affect the absorbency and may cause rashes or irritate the baby’s bum. Though Rustic Art little laundry is recommended, but if you find it expensive you may use any regular detergent like Surf excel or Tide Orignal. Ensure that the detergent powder you use is fragrance free.
  1. Show some Sun– It is super important to show your cute little cloth diaper some sun. It will not only dry them out completely but will also disinfect them. In case you feel the diapers feels hard once Sun dried. Then you may keep them out for sun and once dried bring them in shade. Don’t leave them in sun for long. I just crush them with hand when they turn hard. Like you are rubbing something and then they are back to being soft.

Also don’t forget to read the manual which came along with your Superbottoms diapers, so you do not miss any specific instruction in case need to be followed.

I hope this would help you in cleaning and maintaining your lovely Superbottoms diapers and accessories.

Do let me know in comments below if you have any questions. I Would be glad to answer them for you.

Thanks for reading!

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How to clean and Maintain the Soul carriers

We all love our Soul Carriers, and find cleaning baby carrier difficult. While the full buckles and AnoonAs are preferred sturdy, and we should not wash them often. But it is recommended to wash and iron carriers like wraps, ring slings and meh dais, and accessories like blankets, at least once before use for optimal softness and grip. With use they will get even softer and snugglier.

So in this post I shall talk about how we can easily clean our carriers and how to maintain the soft and shiny Soul fabric

Lets talk about easy WASHING first:

All Soul carriers – AnoonA, Full Buckles, onbuhimo or even sling or wraps -either cotton or linen all of them can be spot cleaned as and when needed with a moist soft cloth. Lightly dab and rub the area wherein there is some spot noticed and air dry.

In case, you want to wash the entire carrier, you may wash it by hand or use the washing machine.


It should be noted that as the fabrics are hand-made fabrics hence they may bleed a little during first few wash, so it is advisable to

  1. wash them separately for atleast initial few washes. Also you should wash each carrier separately atleast initially, to avoid bleeding to colour from one fabric to another
  2. use a gentle detergent free of optical brighteners.
  3. for hand wash, try dipping it some cold water and wash it immediately, Do not dip the carrier for long hours.
  4. in case washing you plan to wash it by machine- please use a gentle wash cycle or put the carrier is a mesh bag and put it in machine

To minimize the possible wear and tear, always remember to

  1. a) wash your carrier with any knots opened out,
  2. b) any buckles closed and rings covered by a sock or similar to protect your machine.
  3. c) You can also place your Soul product inside a mesh laundry bag or a pillowcase with the mouth tied shut during washing.

The DRYING part is also easy

We just need to line dry them in shade to prevent any possible colour loss of the Beautiful Soul Carrier and to preserve elastics.

The best part of Soul Carriers and Accessories is that everything is made with soft cloth which can be easily washed and dried. And it will be as good as new. With every wash and use, whether it cotton or linen, the shine, the texture and the fluffiness increase, making them even softer and snugglier. Just the optimal softness and the perfect grip, isn’t it how we like them 😉

But as its a cloth it may shrink a little or look crushed, so the best way to get them back in shape would be if we iron the carriers.

IRONING your favourite Soul products

Prefer Steam ironing your Soul carrier/blankets/bags or you may ironing while the fabric is slightly damp or just sprinkle a little water when you are ready to iron. This will help soften the fabric as well as remove the wrinkles caused due to washing. The brand particularly recommend it for the linen fabrics.

Pointers to AVOID doing

Please note that to avoid ironing any sections with padding, webbing, buckles, elastic or snaps as it may damage the padding inside.

Also we should never dry clean or bleach our Soul product. Harsh chemicals can weaken the fabric and fade the colours. Also it is something close to your baby who may chew or lick the fabric and you would not like any chemicals.

How to STORE:

The Products are made of cloth and like any other cloth may be stored properly while not in use. When not in use for long periods, it is recommended to store your Soul carrier in the unbleached cotton storage bag provided.

In case you don’t have the string bag provided by SOUL with the Soul carrier, don’t loose heart. You may also wrap them in soft cotton fabric while storing. Ensure that the wrapped cloth doesn’t bleed any colour or have any stain. It would be better if you wrap in a clean plain white cloth.

Also don’t forget to read the manual which came along with your Soul products so you do not miss any specific instruction in case need to be followed with the specific product or visit to their website for more details on the specific product here.

I hope this would help you in cleaning and maintaining your lovely Soul carriers and accessories.

Do let me know in comments below if you have any questions. I Would be glad to answer them for you.

Thanks for reading!

Take Care

Gunjan <3

Quick Tips to find the right Baby Carrier

Baby wearing is not a new concept. For years mothers have been wrapping baby in their sarees/dupattas or a long piece of sturdy cloth as a baby carrier.

This is now enhanced to meet the need of the current lifestyle, with added buckles and belts for both comfort and convenience. There are different types of wraps, sling and carriers available in the market today, which very well meet the needs, preferences and off course the budget of the family.

In fact some of them are such beautiful works of fashion, that any new mom would love to wear them and carry their baby with love, and on the other hand there are gender-neutral carriers for Dad, too, so that they can flaunt their “cool dad” image and be a part of raising a happy baby and a happy family.

So here’s a small quick guide to ensure what to keep in mind while buying a baby carrier-

  1. Ergonomic Structure– A good baby carrier must always mimics the way you would normally and naturally hold your baby— i.e either cradled in your arms, straddling by your hip, or backed.

So always go for Ergonomically baby carrier only as they hold baby in the natural baby holding position which is both safe for baby and the parent.

  1. Fabric- The first thing you should put in consideration should be how the materials of the carrier was manufactured and what all is used and the quality. Always try to keep in mind the weather conditions for choosing the off course the quality of the fabric, as you would be keeping your baby close to it and you would not appreciate the baby chewing or licking a toxic or chemically dyes fabrics.

So choosing a carrier with natural/handwoven light weight but sturdy fabric keeping it safe even if baby chew it a bit and keeping the skin allergies at bay .

  1. Leg Position and Back support –The legs of the baby should be at least pulled up to a 90 degree angle and should always be supported behind the leg. It should form a “M” position and would be possible when you baby has an enough wide seating space. Also the back of the carrier needs to provide a proper support to your the baby’s neck and back, keeping him in the upright position when awake and enough support when your baby is asleep his/her body is tightly secured to your body.

So make a good seat in slings and wraps and for soft structures carriers opt for the one with wide and comfortable seat for your little one.

  1. Headrest for young babies- The back of the carrier needs to reach over the baby’s head, on all three sides, to keep the head from falling backwards or sideways. This is very important to check for in a carrier if you have a younger baby yet to learn to support his head. Also as the child would grow this would help when he naps.
  1. Growth- Your baby would grow fast,and may easily outgrow you carrier. Choose the one that will also grow with your child. Baby carriers is an investment you make so look for something which keeps it cost effective by growing with the baby.
  1. Positions- Only choose a baby carrier that allows different carrying positions like facing out, facing in, back carry, hip carry etc. As you may want to try different positions which may be comfortable to you as well your child. You would prefer to wear the new born and young one facing you in front carry always, whereas a toddler may love a back carry, or front facing outwards or even a hip carry.
Back Carry is so smooth in Soul Sling Anoona (Pic Courtesy: Soulslings,com)

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I personally love Annona because of its extremely innovative desigm, lovely prints and the fact that it is made by experts keeping in mind the tiniest possible detail. ‘Anoona’ (meaning ‘one without flaws’ in Kannada) is recommended for children from birth to toddlerhood.

When you go shopping after like ages and have dozens of thing in the list, this is how we manage. Babywearing not only helps you with free hands but also keep the baby happy. Can you see how #LittleTuggu is busy happily exploring the beautiful decorations around. . I am wearing #LittleTuggu in this gorgeous "Heal" Anoona by SoulSlings which we proudly hosted under the travelling carrier program and loved it. The pretty colour, the gradients, the fabric and most important the comfortable seat for the baby was awesome. . Do you wanna try a carrier before you buy ? Join Soul Family facebook page to know more. . . Where are you going to wear your baby today? . . On that note, I have written a blog post some time back on why I wear my toddler.. do give it a read if you are still in doubts to wear your toddler. Clickable link in bio @tuggu.n.mommy Permanent link . . . . @SoulSlings @SoulSlings_india #Soulslings #Soulslingsindia #SummerWithSoul #tcp #babywearingwithsoul #babycarriers #AnoonA #SoulMate #soulmate_tnm #wrapyourbaby #wrapinlove #babywearingmama #babywearingforthewin #toddlerwearing #carrythem #Momblogger #Mumbaimomblogger #TuggunMommy #mayypost23

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So you just buy a single carrier and do the adjustments to match with your growing baby. It has Completely adjustable panel; crossable shoulder straps with sturdy buckles the Panel base width is adjustable from 7” to 15”, Panel height is adjustable from 11” to 16”, Body panel width is adjustable from 6.5” to 14.5”

The Weight recommendation for AoonnA is for 3.2-20 kg (7-44 lb) approx. and this carrier offers 5 carry options – newborn, front, front facing out, hip and back carries.

Its fully adjustable panel cinches at the shoulder, mid-panel and waistband to ensure perfect support to the child at all times. The foldable neck support at the top of the panel is ideal for newborns. Offering the option of crossed (‘X’) or straight (‘H’) shoulder straps, Anoona fits adults from petite to plus-sizes. Buckled shoulder straps also allow users to use this carrier for a hip carry. Little details like a small pocket on the waistband for your essentials and a removable hood ensure that both you and your baby can step out in comfort!

It is available in gorgeous colours in cotton, Jacquard Cotton, Handwoven Cotton, ikkat cotton and Linen. You may look out for lovely colours and patterns available here.

Thanks for reading! Hope you find this review useful and go ahead and wear your baby you will never regret it! More about the fabric choices in next post.

Until then,

Stay Tuned!!

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PS: Do leave in comments if you have any questions or suggestions if any. I would be more than happy to answer them.

Teaching the toddler- How to Share?

Sharing is an essential life skill that every Toddler must learn. Toddlers generally take time for clear understanding of this concept. While it is easy said than done but practicing early can help a long way. Try to give your Toddler the much needed attention and notice his behaviour towards others. IS he ready to share his stuff with friends, relatives or neighbours? if he is than do appreciate this gesture and if not, then you may try to teach your Toddler how to share.

You may try few of the below steps and teach your toddler to share with these helpful tips:

1. Take Turns:

Take a toy and say, “It’s my turn to play.” Then, give it to your child and say, “Now it’s your turn to play.” This game will make your Toddler understand that the toy will come back to him/her.

2. Model sharing behavior:

Kids learn what they see. If you are eating a cookie, break a piece and give it to the Toddler . Explain that you would love to share with him/her.

3. Praise your child:

Whenever your child shares something with you or their friends or siblings, praise them for their behaviour.

4. Don’t label things:

When you buy a new toy, tell your kids that it is for everyone to play together. Labelling a toy as “Mine” or “Yours” will create the impression in the child’s mind that it is exclusively for themselves.

5. Time it:

Set a timer for kids to play with a toy. In this way, every kid will get an equal chance to play. It will also encourage patience in the Toddler .

6. Take toys along:

While visiting a friend’s home, ask your child to carry a few toys along so that they can exchange it with their friend’s toys for some time

Do let me know how these small tips helped you in comments below. Also you may like to read few of my posts on toddlers, do check them out.