My journey to Cloth Diaper

The Background

Every time I tell everyone in our extended family or friends that T is wearing a Cloth Diaper, I get a strange look. The oldies always ask me – why a diaper, they always perceive a diaper as the disposable ones available in market which isn’t good for baby’s delicate skin and is one of the reason for rashes. While the younger lot of people aren’t aware of the advanced cloth diaper, when I say cloth diaper they assume it to be traditional langots or a slight better version of the langots or langots with multiple cloth layer i.e. basically cloth which wont be able to absorb much.

But when I explain them or show them what it is the oldies still consider that wearing a diaper could provide some hinderance in achieving milestones while the young ones find it tacky to wash and clean them. Most of them at times consider it a easy way of living to be dependent on the disposable diapers as they looks easy.  So after making a lot of people educated on cloth diapers and giving them the math, I feel it’s the right time I put it across here as well.

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How to High Back carry with Soul Slings Onbuhimo

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The Soul Slings Onbuhimo is primarily used as a back carrier, but can be worn as front carry as well. This unique, and convenient, style of carrier originated in Japan and is made without a waist belt! It is lightweight, breathable, and very portable can be easily folder and carried in into your bag for a day out.

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How to Use your Soul Sling Onbuhimo

The trick with an onbuhimo, as with any buckle carrier, is finding your sweet spot. Where to tighten, so it feels most comfortable. As there is no waist strap on this carrier, all the weight is on your shoulders, and the most common complaint is ‘sore shoulders’. However, this carrier is designed to be worn a lot higher tha a carrier with a waistband, and having it too low seems to be the most common issue. And it’s easy to fix. Get it higher.

The easiest way to do this is to put your hand under your child’s bum, lift them up, then tighten the slack. For me, when I first started wearing it, I had it too low , and yes, after about 15 minutes or so my shoulders were sore and I wanted my full buckle. But I played around with the height, and found that, for me, getting Tuggu’s shoulders higher than mine is the key.

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High back carry with Soul Slings Onbuhimo (Part I)

SoulSling Onbuhimo, onhuhimo, backcary, babywearing, high back carry, baby weraing, comparision, difference, toddler wearing,

Perks of being a Soul Sling’s Soul Mate, I got chance to try all kind of carriers. Some of them we loved at the first trial, for others I think I still need a lot of practise. Though I love baby wearing and different styles of wearing a baby up close give me so much positive high but there was something which resisted me to try back carry. I have always carried T in front or the hip. And hence it was only Onbuhimo which I had never tried as it is meant for high back carry.

So when Soul had a Sale going on last fortnight, I thought why not buy One. So I gifted us this Soul Onbuhimo. And for the past two weeks, this is the only one carrier that me and T have been using, which is a big statement considering we own multiple carriers. And so, I thought it was about time I write a review.

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Quick Tips to find the right Baby Carrier Fabric

While I do consider myself as a baby wearing mom, I still don’t consider myself as a baby carrier expert. Only because there are many  baby Carrier available  and I have not mastered them all. Though, I am wearing T for more than a year now and I still think my journey isn’t half way. Further, being associated with Soul and being a regular at their Facebook page watching so many moms and dads talking about their experiences and sharing their baby wearing journey, I feel there is a lot I need to learn and try.

Soul Slings baby carriers promises comfort, affordability, eco friendly and ethical manufacturing, and fair trade working conditions. Also when it comes to safety you do not need to worry because Soul  carriers are tested for ASTM standards.

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Simple toys can give great learnings

Do you know playing with simple toys like a truck can help these little minds get some STEM lessons too.

Toy cars or trucks can do race, roll or even crash and these unpredictable street play promotes kid’s brain development by forcing some gross and fine motor skills together. In simplest sense kid’s learn,

🚚 how to move things around,

🚚 how fast or slow they can roll a toy car,

🚚 how they can change the movement with applying or releasing some pressure from their hand,

🚚 how to push or pull or stop a toy car or truck,

🚚 they also move on to learn how to open or close the door, moving the toy on tracks, take a turn, go ahead or reverse,

🚚 how different cars go on slides, like the heavy one will go fast and the lighter one will take a little more time. .

That’s how they work, their mind works and their hand do the task. I musy say all in all a good activity. So go ahead let them explore and learn from basic toys like cars or trucks. There is learnings from non educational toys too. What say??

Here #LittleTuggu is playing with his new #GarbageTruck .

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