Why I signed up for #MyFriendAlexa with Blogchatter?

Have you heard about #MyFriendAlexa (Season 3.0). It is a month long campaign by Blogchatter, starting September 01, 2018. This Blogging Chanllenge intends to help us blog better. It is the world’s second and India’s first campaign based on Alexa rank and associated tools.

What’s Alexa rankings?

Alexa ranking is the ranking of your website in various search engines.  It is a measure of how a website is doing relative to all other sites available on the web over the past 3 months. This rank is calculated using a methodology that combines a site’s estimated average of daily unique visitors. Also its estimated number of pageviews over the past 3 months.

Why I chose #MyFriendAlexa as my first ever blogging contest?

After micro Blogging and documenting my motherhood experience for a while on closed Facebook and Instagram page. I finally started blogging a year back exactly in Spetember 2017. And what better way to celebrate my FIRST blog writing birthday with #MyFriendAlexa. I feel taking part in this campaign connect me back to my main goal. The goal of extensive writing, connecting and sharing experience.

Since my initial pregnancy and later motherhood days, I used to google a lot about each and every minor observation. Also wanted to share my experience and learning to all the first time moms like me. But as it always came up with loads of excuses to not write frequently, so for people like me who require that much need kick, this is the perfect platform.

What is to be done in #MyFriendAlexa?

In words by #Blogchatter, all the participants have to be ready for

  1. Writing 8 blog posts (spread across the 4 weeks)- Ready
  2. Daily reading ( lots and lots of reading) – Ready, it will be fun
  3. Networking, discovering new blogs – Yay! That will be a pleasure
  4. Pain, sweat and blood- Ahh!! Let’s Do it!

What I expect from #MyFriendAlexa?

This is my first ever blogging Challengewith BlogChatter and I am too excited to be a part of it. I am being super duper optimistic and with my first ever Blogging Challenge I look forward to many goals:

  • A better Alexa ranking, with each blog I shall document my Alexa Ranking and will see if the magic happens 😊 Hopeful much
  • Lots of reading, as promised by Blogchatter – It seems like ages, I haven’t read much, surely looking forward for this one.
  • Meet like minded bloggers– Opportunity to (virtually) meet interesting like minded bloggers or writers and gaining lots of learning
  • Habitual change– Getting in habit of regular reading and writing and improving my skills (fingers crossed 😉)

So, my next calendar month (September 2018) is going to be just more than generating good content for my blog and working to improve my DA and PA. It would surely be about building my blog and taking it to greater height with BlogChatter as I am ready to take part in season 3.0 of My Friend Alexa.

Are you ?

Simply fill in the form below if interested and let’s do it together…

See you there

Gunjan <3

My Friend Alexa – the god of blogging – returns with Season 3

And my Baby sleeps peacefully again!!

‘Sleeping’ and ‘Sleeping peacefully’ are two different things. While sleeping is considered essential for recharging our body, ‘Sleeping peacefully’ recharges our mind. And all this ‘gyan’ falls true for all of us adults and even for our cute little kids.

Have you ever noticed that the morning when you get up without a proper, good night’s sleep, you tend to feel exhausted, lethargic, and less interested in activities around? But since we are adults, we can cope up with these. Imagine what happens to infants and young kids, these tiny souls are not even able to express their discomfort.

Something like this happened with us too.

Last week, my little one was under the weather with a bad nasal congestion. He showed no interest in playing along with his favourite trucks and was cranky all the time. Moreover, he did not take his feed properly, or I must say, wasn’t interested in eating at all, and hence, wasn’t able to sleep well at night due to all the discomfort. Babies, being obligatory nose breathers, get even more restless due to a blocked nose. And the mother in me was worried due to all this, and anticipating the next day would be even more difficult with an irritable, exhausted, drowsy, clingy baby.

I could not see my ‘little me’ suffering like this. I am sure no Mom can; we have this different emotional bond you know!

Every moment of his pain and suffering was even more painful to me. And every second of him being irritable due to the discomfort was adding more to mine.

And then one of my friend suggested to try nasal decongestant for a fast relief. So, I quickly consulted a doctor and went ahead and tried a nasal decongestant, like Nasivion Mini (Baby) Nose Drops. This is a nasal decongestant in an easy drop form, specially designed for babies’ little button-like nose. The active ingredient in this is in a lower concentration than for adults, making it suitable for babies. They have drops available in two strengths, for children it is Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose drops, 0.025% whereas Nasivion (Mini) Baby Nose Drops 0.01% for babies less than one year. So I was sure that won’t be ‘too much’ for my little one.

I quickly cleaned his nose, and in lying down posture, tilted his head backwards on my lap to ensure that the drops go inside the nose properly. Then squeezed the dropper and instilled 2 drops in each nostril with the inverted dropper which came along with it. It was suggested to use it 2-3 times a day. I could observe that T was a little better after the first dose and was able to breathe easily. #HappyNoseHappyMom

He played with me for some time, enjoyed his free play too with his cars and trucks.

And guess what? He even ate his ‘dal rice,’ 😊 didn’t finish it though. But still it was such a delightful sight watching him monkeying around. Play, jump, eat, poop- repeat until he was happily tired to snooze off for the day and that’s how my Baby slept peacefully again!!

Baby Sleep, Sleep Peacefully, Blocked Nose, Nose block
Source: Pixabay

Well, that’s my story of the day, what’s yours? Do let me know in the comments below how you help your baby to sleep well.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not an expert in this field, this is purely based on my experience and story. Do not consider this blog post as a replacement for a doctor’s consultation; it is not prescription of treatment for babies having blocked or stuffy nose. A Nasal Saline Solution, like Nasivion, is the first line of treatment as it is safe and can be used by anyone. But if the problem is aggravated, then after consulting the doctor, one can opt for Nasivion (Mini) Baby Nose Drops or Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose drops depending on the age of the child.

My Breastfeeding journey

Baby Sleep, Sleep Peacefully, Blocked Nose, Nose block

“Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey”

So as today during breastfeeding week (August 01-07), I thought of jotting down my journey and some moments.

First thing First: Breastfeeding Awareness

I was fortunate enough to be aware of the benefits of exclusive breast feeding infants. It was something I always wanted and had even promised myself, while i was carrying #LittleTuggu. I wanted to do my best to be on this journey till we both possibly can. 🤞🤞

Frankly I have not given any thought on how long we will be doing it, setting any benchmark for exclusive 6 months or 1st birthday wasn’t on my mind.

Something that came along: Breastfeeding Facts and Fears

Like all new first time mommies, I too had a lot of apprehensions if I am doing it right. While the journey started smoothly, we still had our ups and downs, moments of leaks, engorgements, hunger pangs, super thirsty throat and we did what best we could have done. With late night pumping, various feeding positions, healthy eating, googling up all possible information and thankfully our journey is a happy one and it still going strong at 19 months 😊. Yea! it is long, I know and I have no regret to even continue doing it for few more months.😁

I continue to do it till date, because I feel that it right for my toddler, I can sense that he is comforted, and how ‘mumma duu-duu‘ soothes him through teething phase or vaccination days. And not to forget this lovely BOND which I am sure, all #breastfeeding moms will understand!

Though there are days when we are almost weaned and then there are days when we are latched on most of the day, so I am taking this journey as T wants it. I keep hearing all the #gyan and #nuskhas to wean him off, but am in no rush to wean him anytime soon 😂 coz that’s the only time of the day he stays cuddles in my lap and not making me run behind him, instead he runs behind me at times 😂😂

This is my Breastfeeding Journey ,what’s yours? Do let me know in comments below 🙂

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I love being a woman and would not want to change that !!!

My friend Sonia was raised in a typical Indian middle class orthodox family. She absolutely had no reason to love herself or love for self as a woman. Rather she had more reasons to hate being woman. From boobs to butts, shopping to shavings…everything seemed to be so annoying to her!!

While growing up she had some Rock solid things to add to her hatred such as inequality, abuse, objectification… But then, over the time, living everyday as a woman, she realized how women have been struggling past few decades to get the basic rights that they deserve. They are breaking through the barriers and rising to heights.

Like Sonia, there are many woman out there who have gone through a phase or may still going through a phase when womanhood has some odd memories or doesn’t gave them the happiness.  Although it might not always be enjoyable being a woman, every woman deserves to feel like one. So She decided to embrace the womanhood!!!

We should love the complicated yet diversified existence of women, which has so many parts to it, which we often don’t consider. Being a woman in itself is a multi-faceted opportunity. No one said being woman is easy but have myriads of reason to love yourself being a woman.

Here are few reasons why I chose to love the woman in me:

  • Women are emotionally intelligent

Research says, women always score more than men in almost every scale when it comes to emotional intelligence. It has been scientifically proved that women has an edge over men when it comes to have those skillsets for a happy and successful life. Have you ever noticed that we never tune out emotionally, and this helps us enormously when it comes to nurturing. And that is one of the reason we are given the power to nurture a life within us. We have the power to bring the life into the world, not just by giving birth but with our nurturing and caring nature that we express to people around us and the efforts that we put in.

  • We bleed

We bleed, that too every freaking month, sometimes even for a week. Every girl’s menstrual period is all about the pain, the discomfort, the pads and tampons and cups and what not, but somehow, I don’t see it as that much downer. Are you aware of the fact that most of the women tend to live more because of the iron expelled during her periods. Aren’t we the blessed ones, by Our mother nature with these unique feature. It tells alot about are health, our fertility, our famininity. It shows us how our body works. On a fun note, I use it to avoid perfectly ridiculous things and spare me the torture. 😉😉

  • We give birth

Do I even have to explain this? Giving birth is life altering pleasure of all. The greatest joy in the world. There’s no denying that it’s a hard and painful thing, but at the end it makes you feel incredible. It’s like gruelling a marathon, which literally took from you, your flesh and your blood. When your baby emerges from you and you see the tiny little ears and hairs and nose and eyes, you become stronger than before. All those tiny tickles and giggles would make you feel worthy. This power of woman  to create, to nurture and to heal is a part of our very being, providing us with unique abilities and position us as the centre of all the change and existence  around us. We keep the universe growing at it’s pace. Who else can do that? No one but only a woman!!

  • We breastfeed

If you are a mother you would know what I mean here! I would rather explain this on a personal level. Once, I was able to help a friend of mine who was hospitalized, by breastfeeding her infant. Yes, I was able to do that just because mother nature has nurtured me with this incredible power. Only and Only a woman ever has this ability to feed her baby. Only a mother can experience his heavenly feeling. This is so-so unique and so-so special that it makes me feel proud of being a woman.

  • Good listener and multitasker

I follow and believe that all women are born to multitask. My husband can’t hold the baby,  while drinking water or anything else for that matter. whereas I hold the baby while I cook, think, talk, work, clean, sometimes eat….at the same time!! Why women talk more because they listen more!!! We are wired that way!! Simple as that!

  • Clothes and clips

I meant it when I say it that I’ am envious of these suits. They usually ended up taking over our high heels. Fashion and beauty is a fun and creative form of self-expression, and if I was a man I might have missed out on it. Also, we are supposedly accepted to wear men’s clothing but can you do vice versa..nope!!! 😎😎

  • Multiple orgasms

Ahh…Okay.. so I don’t want to go into explaining complete details here but just one important thing.. women orgasm more. Woman can self please her whenever they want and however they want, and the best part is without anybody even realizing it. That’s the power of womanhood right!!! Can men  enjoy it multiple times? No, because that’s how  their bodies are made like. They need a  break known as “refractory period” to recover from one orgasm. But  we woman possesses the power to enjoy the multi-orgasmic double o’s or more, without any limitations. In case you haven’t discovered it yet, you know that you got the new purpose for life!!!

  • Boobs and butt

These most talked about boobs are not just a mere distraction for the men, but they have this power to lactate to feed our little ones. If that’s should not be called a miracle then what is? As a woman, I embrace and love my body with my curves, my sensibility, and my sensuality. We are, one of the most beautiful creatures on earth.  Without us the world would S.T.O.P..!!

  • We have something to fight for

  • We are from the vigorous clan to whom the whole movement by the name of feminism has been dedicated. We have fought our way to the success. We are fighters. We still have long way to go with the equality but being a part of a fight makes me feel important and empowered.
  • Being a part of the inspirational clan

I love being a woman, when I see women who broke the glass ceilings. We endure the pain and sometimes everyday can simply be more irritation. But here is the silver lining. These manifestation, battles and struggles have made us even stronger and smarter than before. Although as a women we have miles to go, we have come a long way together!!!

In a Nutshell, though we are soft but we are strong. We are beautiful, brave and this beauty is unique, so much so it can not be matched ever.

So, yes, I love being a woman, it make me powerful and would not want to change that !!!

Be it a Happy Mom or a mom trying to find Happiness, Being a Happy Woman is above all!!