And my Baby sleeps peacefully again!!

‘Sleeping’ and ‘Sleeping peacefully’ are two different things. While sleeping is considered essential for recharging our body, ‘Sleeping peacefully’ recharges our mind. And all this ‘gyan’ falls true for all of us adults and even for our cute little kids.

Have you ever noticed that the morning when you get up without a proper, good night’s sleep, you tend to feel exhausted, lethargic, and less interested in activities around? But since we are adults, we can cope up with these. Imagine what happens to infants and young kids, these tiny souls are not even able to express their discomfort.

Something like this happened with us too.

Last week, my little one was under the weather with a bad nasal congestion. He showed no interest in playing along with his favourite trucks and was cranky all the time. Moreover, he did not take his feed properly, or I must say, wasn’t interested in eating at all, and hence, wasn’t able to sleep well at night due to all the discomfort. Babies, being obligatory nose breathers, get even more restless due to a blocked nose. And the mother in me was worried due to all this, and anticipating the next day would be even more difficult with an irritable, exhausted, drowsy, clingy baby.

I could not see my ‘little me’ suffering like this. I am sure no Mom can; we have this different emotional bond you know!

Every moment of his pain and suffering was even more painful to me. And every second of him being irritable due to the discomfort was adding more to mine.

And then one of my friend suggested to try nasal decongestant for a fast relief. So, I quickly consulted a doctor and went ahead and tried a nasal decongestant, like Nasivion Mini (Baby) Nose Drops. This is a nasal decongestant in an easy drop form, specially designed for babies’ little button-like nose. The active ingredient in this is in a lower concentration than for adults, making it suitable for babies. They have drops available in two strengths, for children it is Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose drops, 0.025% whereas Nasivion (Mini) Baby Nose Drops 0.01% for babies less than one year. So I was sure that won’t be ‘too much’ for my little one.

I quickly cleaned his nose, and in lying down posture, tilted his head backwards on my lap to ensure that the drops go inside the nose properly. Then squeezed the dropper and instilled 2 drops in each nostril with the inverted dropper which came along with it. It was suggested to use it 2-3 times a day. I could observe that T was a little better after the first dose and was able to breathe easily. #HappyNoseHappyMom

He played with me for some time, enjoyed his free play too with his cars and trucks.

And guess what? He even ate his ‘dal rice,’ 😊 didn’t finish it though. But still it was such a delightful sight watching him monkeying around. Play, jump, eat, poop- repeat until he was happily tired to snooze off for the day and that’s how my Baby slept peacefully again!!

Baby Sleep, Sleep Peacefully, Blocked Nose, Nose block
Source: Pixabay

Well, that’s my story of the day, what’s yours? Do let me know in the comments below how you help your baby to sleep well.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not an expert in this field, this is purely based on my experience and story. Do not consider this blog post as a replacement for a doctor’s consultation; it is not prescription of treatment for babies having blocked or stuffy nose. A Nasal Saline Solution, like Nasivion, is the first line of treatment as it is safe and can be used by anyone. But if the problem is aggravated, then after consulting the doctor, one can opt for Nasivion (Mini) Baby Nose Drops or Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose drops depending on the age of the child.

Cloth Diapers : Basics

Most people often considered Cloth diapers as a thing of the past, but if you see the advanced cloth diapers, you would know how much they have evolved in the past few years and you would gladly join the team of parents who are choosing cloth today and you would be glad to know the numbers are increasing at great pace.

Here are top five reasons why so many parents are considering cloth diapers for their babies and why you should too consider them-

  1. First and the foremost, reason is that cloth diapers are Super Easy on your Wallet. These are super economical when compared to disposable diapers on long run. So, stop throwing away your hard-earned money on disposables and save big with cloth. As cloth diapers are reusables, you can just maintain your reasonable stash and may reuse them for multiple children, and even more, you may resell them after you’re done. So in true sense ‘Value for money’.
  1. It is Super Safe for your baby: Cloth diapers lacks all those gels and harmful chemicals that most disposable diapers are filled with and can lead to diaper rashes. Since its cloth which is in direct contact with the baby’s soft skin, it is super safe for your baby.
  2. The most important point is that Cloth Diaper are Better for the environment. Every year millions of disposable diapers are ending up in landfills, and they will stay there for over 500 years until they degrade. By using cloth, you can help reduce landfill waste, protect our waterways, and save resources. A small way to protect our mother nature, isn’t it?
  3. Promotes potty training: Since the cloth diapers have layers of cotton which leaks after few hours. Unlike those dry feel absorbent chemical polymers, a cloth diapered child will be able to feel the wetness, and this would be an incentive to teach them about wetness and begin using the potty seat.
  4. Your baby will look Super adorable: The cuteness factor that a cloth will have, would get you hooked to it in no time. With all the cute designs and prints that cloth diapers come in, your baby will look stylish for any occasion. And how can one just ignore that cute bum…. Just wow 😊

What are Advanced Cloth Diapers?

Every advanced cloth diaper is usually made up of 3 parts

  1. A Waterproof Outer – This provides the leak-proofing and have multiple snaps which help in adjusting the size and attach the soaker.
  2. Soaker or the Insert – These are the absorbent pads which multiple layers of cloth/micrifibres that do the job of soaking the pee. There are multiple types of material available in inserts, like- Microfibre, Organic cotton, hemp or any combination of these as well.
  3. Dry-Feel Fabric – These inner layer (which is in direct contact with the Baby’s skin) which provide the essential dry-feel to the babies.

What are the Type of Advanced Cloth Diapers

There are a few types of diapers available in the market today which can be picked depending upon the pattern / functionality of the diaper.

A. Cover Diapers

The dry-feel layer in this diaper is attached ON the soaker. This soaker is placed inside the cover. This is a pad-and-pant system. In this, you can change soaker and reuse the outer. This makes it an economical diapering choice. One pad lasts 3-4 hours. This is a good and economical option for day-time diapering. Since each time a fresh pad comes in contact with your baby’s skin it is also good for baby’s skin

B. Pocket Diapers

As the name suggests, they have a pocket where the soaker is inserted. You may also insert multiple soakers inside the pocket. They aren’t as economical as Cover Diapers as once the soaker is full or soiled, you would have to change the entire diaper.

C. All in One DiaperS

These are as easy as disposable diapers as everything is attached with the diaper. This diaper comes along with 2 super thirsty organic bamboo cotton soakers. One of the tongue shaped soaker is attached while the other is detachable. Both the soakers together can last 7-8+ hours. This is therefore excellent for heavy wetting babies or for night-time cloth diapering.  The one we currently love  is Super bottoms Plus AIO (heavy absorbency)Cloth Diaper. Once prepped I.e washed for about 8-10 times, they hold up the entire night.

Our Experience

I have been cloth diapering my 1.5 year old since he was around 6 months old.  I also had a lot of apprehensions regarding cleaning and washing them, and was in two-minds. All thanks to the bad monsoon here in Mumbai, to give me the must required push and gets my hands on my First Cloth diaper from, there was no looking back since then, the ease and comfort I got in day diapering that I started night diapering in Cloth Diapers as well. This last one year had been an amazing cloth diapering journey for me, if you are still thinking, you should just go and read my cloth diaper journey once.

Until then, take care

Gunjan <3

A Goonight Sleep with Night Time Cloth Diapering

I have been asked by fellow moms millions of time that why do I prefer Night Time Cloth Diapering? Does it really last whole night? What if the child wakes up during the change? etc etc, So here you go, I have tried to answer all your queries , I have this detailed post below, keep reading to know your answers and how it worked for us.

How to know you are ready for Night Time Cloth Diapering?

So if you’ve started Cloth Diapering and learnt the basics/or you plan to switch and learning the basics on getting a good fit. You are on a right track. I have seen moms who get their hands experienced on day time diapering before shifting to a full time cloth diapering mom also moms who used traditional langots for day time and learnt the tricks of night time cloth diapering and ultimately switched to full time CDing. You might be from any of the above moms who has enough cloth diaper stash and set the daily wash routine to move to the next big level… Night time Cloth Diapering.

Let me tell you even I had the various thoughts and I too feared taking this risk, but this is what I really wanted to do, switch to full time cloth diapering , If you wish to know my initial struggle and tips and hacks with my minimum stash read my cloth diapering journey.

So from over one year of diapering experience , let me assure you that Night time cloth diapering is not as difficult as it sounds and today we have a big community of moms who cloth diaper and there are unlimited videos on Youtube to assist on getting a right fit, here in this post, I want to explain you what worked for us and may be you would like to try it out too 🙂

What is the right way to begin Night Time Cloth Diapering?

Night time cloth diapering has worked out good for us with our own set of trials. Though we too had our share of leaks but that doesn’t stop us from trying various brands of diapers and their different soakers. All this trial helped me in learning some tricks while testing different diapers and which diaper worked for us and in what combination of soakers. To learn more about type of diapers which are currently available today, read my blog post on basics of cloth diaper and how to maintain them.

  1. First things first- The most important aspect of learning is to understand the requirement, here it shall be your baby’s wetting pattern. Your baby could be a heavy wetter, medium wetter, frequent wetter, if you understand that it will be easier for you to pick the right soaker/booster. Also Keep in mind that most babies pee more frequently in the day time and less frequently in the nights. You may also like to factor in the current season and/or location wherein you stay, colder temperature makes babies to pee more.
  2. Do not compare – Cloth Diapers are super thirsty cloth after all and unlike disposable diapers, they wont be able to hold it up entire night on their own. You would need to add additional booster depending upon the wetting style of your baby. A 8-10hours is what most of the All in One diaper may last for, additional boosters could make this a little more longer.
  3. Understand your Diaper– Understanding composition of your diaper could be very useful and learning what other type of Insert can be used in your cloth diaper to make the perfect combination, could work for your Night Time Cloth Diapering. To understand them better, read the product guide properly to understand which type of fabric is used and the number of layers in your Cloth Diaper.
  4. Type of Insert– Each of these play an important role as various fabrics used insider the waterproof shell have different soaking capacities. Microfibres (MF) inserts are the cheapest of the lot and have an average soaking, they are present in either 3 or 4 layers in most of the brands. Then there are bamboo and organic cotton boosters which are comparatively better than MF but they need couple of more washes as compared to MF to bring them up to a maximum absorbency level. The best of the soaker type is HEMP, they are available in prefold (which you fold as per your baby’s gender with multiple folds at the right places) or boosters, which can be directly added to the Cloth diaper.

TIP: To be noted that these fabrics are not dry feel and you may have to either add a dry fleece layer or use soakers which has a dry feel layer at the top. Also MF/Cotton soaks the wetness quickly as compared to Hemp, so you should ideally add Hemp as a booster and not directly in contact with baby’s bottom.

Cloth Diapers, Inserts, Soakers, Type of inserts
Source –

How we started and What worked for us 🙂

If your have read my cloth diaper journey, you might know, that I started with a minimum stash of 3 pocket style diapers and with some extra boosters I started my night time cloth diapering. Though it looked bulky on my tiny kid, I tried using different combination types of inserts i.e a microfibre with charcoal/bamboo booster, 2 Microfibre boosters with 4 layers each, Microfibre 3 layer booster with Hemp prefold.

Slowly I shifted to using All-in-one (AIO) types of Cloth Diapers for nights. And let me assure you they did the job pretty well. I am saying this as I have tried many other brands, their different types of diapers ( pockets, cover, AIOs) with different types of inserts and though I was satisfied on how they worked on my baby. But there was so much work for me always- keeping the perfect combination ready for next night was difficult, additionally as I said, they look a little bulky.

If you are looking for detailed information on various Type of Cloth Diaper and how you may chose the right one for you. I highly recommend reading this blog by Nayantara from, she is a Cloth Diapering champ and has dozens of posts on cloth diapering which is gold for moms like us. Last monsoon, while struggling with all those pee puddles and tons of laundry, I just came across here blog and got motivated to make my ‘Big Switch’ to Cloth Diapering.

Later, after trying all my combinations, the one I finally zeroed down basis the quality is Superbottoms Plus AIO (heavy absorbency) Cloth Diapers. Once washed for about 8-10 times ( we used them in day time right after first wash), they were ready and did hold up the entire night, without any leaks and hence there is no more getting up to check or change the cloth diaper during the night. Also they have this stay dry layer which keeps the baby fuss free the entire night.

The inside look of Superbottoms AIO Diaper, one is a tongue shape soaker along with other Organic cotton soaker, Source: Superbottoms website

“The most important point to keep in mind is to ensure that your diaper is prepped well, i.e it has had its share of pre-washes to make it hold up for entire night. There can be no exact number as such, but usually 8-10 washes are good enough, depending upon the type of material used inside.”

Do let me know your queries if any in comments below, would be happy for any help 🙂

Until next time


Things that make me a happy mom

Few things in life always bring happiness but that happiness is incomplete if you don’t have someone to share it with. I have always been a happy introvert person all my life. Some called me shy, some name it lack of confidence and I too quite believed the same. But now when I go down the memory lane, I think I missed a lot of my childhood days busy doing things myself. Its not that I am regretting those days as I was never one or wanted to be one that we call a people’s person. I was happy (I still am ;)) happy when alone. But somehow when I see kids doing so many things and having fun, I wish I had those days back and I could change a little bit of me. Back then, if you give me a book, a laptop (it was a computer then) or some papers to draw and sketch, I could have lot in one of the room and found ways that kept me engrossed.Then with time things changed, priorities changed and I got blessed to hold this little munchkin #LittleTuggu and felt that everything stopped and its just me and him. Our days and night being together, doing things together gave me happiness. I wanted to re-live my childhood moments with my son and this time I wanted to make it big time… 🙂

This was my plan and I promised myself during my pregnancy that I would not let these moments let go. Things I wish I could have done then, I wanted to do now.

We all love our kiddos and wouldn’t trade them in for anything, but being a mom is HARD. It is rewarding sure, but also overwhelming and exhausting! Being a mom makes us happy, in theory, but sometimes it is hard to remember to be happy when we are in the midst of parenting.

Here is my Top Ten list of tiny moments out of my days that make me happy and help me to find the joy in parenting.

10. When the whole house is clean, preferably by my housekeeper every morning. This moment of bliss normally lasts about 10 minutes before the little throws up, spills, on the floor, .. But for that 10 minutes or so, I am very happy!

9. Similar to number one, the five minutes when ALL of the laundry is done!

8. When #LittleTuggu takes a good long nap and I realize I have atleast TWO to THREE hours to myself, in which to clean, workout, run errands, fold laundry, etc. But I get to do it ALONE!

7. That moment Papa P is home and T hasn’t slept , I am happy that my kid will get some more time with his dad and I can go around without a tail for sometime 🙂

6. When you go to a out for a walk and see so many kids there, shouting, jumping and you realize that your kid is not as bad as you thought…at least not at in public.

5. When I get T to eat all meals of a day without any spill or vomit, it feels like I have conquered the world and keep boosting about it for a day or too.

4. When I try to explain some thing important yet technical to T when he does something wrong and I can see his expressions change as if he understood but he would repeat the same mistake again and look me in the eye with that naughty smile!! that’s too frustrating yet funny. though it makes me out of my mind at times but still that smile takes it all.

3. When T gets all tired from the walks and monkeying around in the park and sleeps early that day. Those lucky days I also get to be in bed early, lay my legs straight and get in a deep thought and snooze the world. the feeling is beyond explanation. I am sure all new mons would relate to me here 😉

2. When I feel insane and shout at T or even shout at myself or cry at times and he comes running to me saying “mammaaa” and come give me a hug.. Do I need to say more….

1. When I hear T laugh. Like really laugh. A good, belly laugh. Sweetest sound I have ever heard or will ever hear in my lifetime. And these happens the most when I get to play around with him for the most of our time together. Those moments which are worry free to mob and clean -pee or poo and free from laundry of dozens of clothes which gets messed up along with it.

Yes I keep him in diapers, not the regular ones which have plastic contents and may give rashes. I keep him in CLOTH DIAPERS, during days and night too. These Cloth Diapers have goodness of cloth and absorption like disposables. We love our SuperBottoms Cover Diapers during day time and SuperBottoms All in One (AIO) diapers during night time or travelling. They are made up of High Quality super thirsty cotton and the outer layer is PUL, which is completely leak proof. .

These high quality Cloth Diapers are safe for baby’s gentle skin as its cloth which touches their bottoms and hence there is no chance of getting any rashes unlike form the disposable ones. To know more tips and tricks on how you may cloth diaper using bare minimum stash read my post on My Cloth Diaper Journey  and I have been frequently talking about how they added so much happiness to my motherhood .. Cloth Diapering is easy and no rocket science, you just need a right fit which you can easily learn from tutorial videos available on Superbottoms Website.

Our love for Superbottoms and how convenient they are on my Instagram, do follow Tuggu.n.mommy to know more

We all want to love and care for all possible things of our child but with so many things on mind (and hand too) it gets so difficult to manage all. But cloth Diapering my baby has sorted my life to a large extend. I am worry free for any rash and I am able to observe the tiniest of hues of my child and take care of it and not start running cleaning or worry thinking about the excessive laundry which I may have if using the traditional langots. Washing these cloth Diapers is also easy, just flush off the solids and rinse the diapers before putting them in washing machine along with other clothes.

And last but not the least, being able to understand and not adding more plastic  dump to landfills, which may take forever to decompose. That merry thought of giving back to my society and helping give a better (atleast I am  adding my share) environment to my child. That is something which make me a HAPPY HAAPY MOM 🙂

Finally I would like to conclude that to find a way to savour and appreciate all of your moments of happiness. It will make the rough ones easier to get through!

Till then, Take Care

Gunjan <3


My journey to Cloth Diaper

The Background

Every time I tell everyone in our extended family or friends that T is wearing a Cloth Diaper, I get a strange look. The oldies always ask me – why a diaper, they always perceive a diaper as the disposable ones available in market which isn’t good for baby’s delicate skin and is one of the reason for rashes. While the younger lot of people aren’t aware of the advanced cloth diaper, when I say cloth diaper they assume it to be traditional langots or a slight better version of the langots or langots with multiple cloth layer i.e. basically cloth which wont be able to absorb much.

But when I explain them or show them what it is the oldies still consider that wearing a diaper could provide some hinderance in achieving milestones while the young ones find it tacky to wash and clean them. Most of them at times consider it a easy way of living to be dependent on the disposable diapers as they looks easy.  So after making a lot of people educated on cloth diapers and giving them the math, I feel it’s the right time I put it across here as well.

Continue reading “My journey to Cloth Diaper”