My Breastfeeding journey

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“Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey”

So as today during breastfeeding week (August 01-07), I thought of jotting down my journey and some moments.

First thing First: Breastfeeding Awareness

I was fortunate enough to be aware of the benefits of exclusive breast feeding infants. It was something I always wanted and had even promised myself, while i was carrying #LittleTuggu. I wanted to do my best to be on this journey till we both possibly can. 🤞🤞

Frankly I have not given any thought on how long we will be doing it, setting any benchmark for exclusive 6 months or 1st birthday wasn’t on my mind.

Something that came along: Breastfeeding Facts and Fears

Like all new first time mommies, I too had a lot of apprehensions if I am doing it right. While the journey started smoothly, we still had our ups and downs, moments of leaks, engorgements, hunger pangs, super thirsty throat and we did what best we could have done. With late night pumping, various feeding positions, healthy eating, googling up all possible information and thankfully our journey is a happy one and it still going strong at 19 months 😊. Yea! it is long, I know and I have no regret to even continue doing it for few more months.😁

I continue to do it till date, because I feel that it right for my toddler, I can sense that he is comforted, and how ‘mumma duu-duu‘ soothes him through teething phase or vaccination days. And not to forget this lovely BOND which I am sure, all #breastfeeding moms will understand!

Though there are days when we are almost weaned and then there are days when we are latched on most of the day, so I am taking this journey as T wants it. I keep hearing all the #gyan and #nuskhas to wean him off, but am in no rush to wean him anytime soon 😂 coz that’s the only time of the day he stays cuddles in my lap and not making me run behind him, instead he runs behind me at times 😂😂

This is my Breastfeeding Journey ,what’s yours? Do let me know in comments below 🙂

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A Goonight Sleep with Night Time Cloth Diapering

I have been asked by fellow moms millions of time that why do I prefer Night Time Cloth Diapering? Does it really last whole night? What if the child wakes up during the change? etc etc, So here you go, I have tried to answer all your queries , I have this detailed post below, keep reading to know your answers and how it worked for us.

How to know you are ready for Night Time Cloth Diapering?

So if you’ve started Cloth Diapering and learnt the basics/or you plan to switch and learning the basics on getting a good fit. You are on a right track. I have seen moms who get their hands experienced on day time diapering before shifting to a full time cloth diapering mom also moms who used traditional langots for day time and learnt the tricks of night time cloth diapering and ultimately switched to full time CDing. You might be from any of the above moms who has enough cloth diaper stash and set the daily wash routine to move to the next big level… Night time Cloth Diapering.

Let me tell you even I had the various thoughts and I too feared taking this risk, but this is what I really wanted to do, switch to full time cloth diapering , If you wish to know my initial struggle and tips and hacks with my minimum stash read my cloth diapering journey.

So from over one year of diapering experience , let me assure you that Night time cloth diapering is not as difficult as it sounds and today we have a big community of moms who cloth diaper and there are unlimited videos on Youtube to assist on getting a right fit, here in this post, I want to explain you what worked for us and may be you would like to try it out too 🙂

What is the right way to begin Night Time Cloth Diapering?

Night time cloth diapering has worked out good for us with our own set of trials. Though we too had our share of leaks but that doesn’t stop us from trying various brands of diapers and their different soakers. All this trial helped me in learning some tricks while testing different diapers and which diaper worked for us and in what combination of soakers. To learn more about type of diapers which are currently available today, read my blog post on basics of cloth diaper and how to maintain them.

  1. First things first- The most important aspect of learning is to understand the requirement, here it shall be your baby’s wetting pattern. Your baby could be a heavy wetter, medium wetter, frequent wetter, if you understand that it will be easier for you to pick the right soaker/booster. Also Keep in mind that most babies pee more frequently in the day time and less frequently in the nights. You may also like to factor in the current season and/or location wherein you stay, colder temperature makes babies to pee more.
  2. Do not compare – Cloth Diapers are super thirsty cloth after all and unlike disposable diapers, they wont be able to hold it up entire night on their own. You would need to add additional booster depending upon the wetting style of your baby. A 8-10hours is what most of the All in One diaper may last for, additional boosters could make this a little more longer.
  3. Understand your Diaper– Understanding composition of your diaper could be very useful and learning what other type of Insert can be used in your cloth diaper to make the perfect combination, could work for your Night Time Cloth Diapering. To understand them better, read the product guide properly to understand which type of fabric is used and the number of layers in your Cloth Diaper.
  4. Type of Insert– Each of these play an important role as various fabrics used insider the waterproof shell have different soaking capacities. Microfibres (MF) inserts are the cheapest of the lot and have an average soaking, they are present in either 3 or 4 layers in most of the brands. Then there are bamboo and organic cotton boosters which are comparatively better than MF but they need couple of more washes as compared to MF to bring them up to a maximum absorbency level. The best of the soaker type is HEMP, they are available in prefold (which you fold as per your baby’s gender with multiple folds at the right places) or boosters, which can be directly added to the Cloth diaper.

TIP: To be noted that these fabrics are not dry feel and you may have to either add a dry fleece layer or use soakers which has a dry feel layer at the top. Also MF/Cotton soaks the wetness quickly as compared to Hemp, so you should ideally add Hemp as a booster and not directly in contact with baby’s bottom.

Cloth Diapers, Inserts, Soakers, Type of inserts
Source –

How we started and What worked for us 🙂

If your have read my cloth diaper journey, you might know, that I started with a minimum stash of 3 pocket style diapers and with some extra boosters I started my night time cloth diapering. Though it looked bulky on my tiny kid, I tried using different combination types of inserts i.e a microfibre with charcoal/bamboo booster, 2 Microfibre boosters with 4 layers each, Microfibre 3 layer booster with Hemp prefold.

Slowly I shifted to using All-in-one (AIO) types of Cloth Diapers for nights. And let me assure you they did the job pretty well. I am saying this as I have tried many other brands, their different types of diapers ( pockets, cover, AIOs) with different types of inserts and though I was satisfied on how they worked on my baby. But there was so much work for me always- keeping the perfect combination ready for next night was difficult, additionally as I said, they look a little bulky.

If you are looking for detailed information on various Type of Cloth Diaper and how you may chose the right one for you. I highly recommend reading this blog by Nayantara from, she is a Cloth Diapering champ and has dozens of posts on cloth diapering which is gold for moms like us. Last monsoon, while struggling with all those pee puddles and tons of laundry, I just came across here blog and got motivated to make my ‘Big Switch’ to Cloth Diapering.

Later, after trying all my combinations, the one I finally zeroed down basis the quality is Superbottoms Plus AIO (heavy absorbency) Cloth Diapers. Once washed for about 8-10 times ( we used them in day time right after first wash), they were ready and did hold up the entire night, without any leaks and hence there is no more getting up to check or change the cloth diaper during the night. Also they have this stay dry layer which keeps the baby fuss free the entire night.

The inside look of Superbottoms AIO Diaper, one is a tongue shape soaker along with other Organic cotton soaker, Source: Superbottoms website

“The most important point to keep in mind is to ensure that your diaper is prepped well, i.e it has had its share of pre-washes to make it hold up for entire night. There can be no exact number as such, but usually 8-10 washes are good enough, depending upon the type of material used inside.”

Do let me know your queries if any in comments below, would be happy for any help 🙂

Until next time


How to making mommying fun and easy!

Being a mom is not easy, those sleep deprived eyes and rest less body need not only rest but some happy moments too. What if I tell you that there are a lot of things which can make your life easier, well a lot easier I must say.

So today let me tell you few of my life changing things, I am sure you would love them too like I did.

  1. A stash of Advanced Cloth Diapers


Who like Laundry, well a lot of laundry I must say, coz if you use normal cloth langots, then you would have to change, all the clothes and the beddings as well every time the baby pee or pooh. And using disposable diapers is not something which is recommendable for all day use, because of chances of rashes and your baby’s bum exposed to hundreds of possible chemicals in the diaper gels. Also you are adding more to plastic waste which would not decompose even in 500 years.

So what to do? Try Cloth Diapers instead.

Using a cloth diaper is easy and simple, you just need to maintain a decent stash and a regular wash routine. They are as soft as cloth nappies just an upgraded version and easy to use just like a disposable diaper. It not only saves time changing clothes and sheets every time the baby pees or poops and the best part is that they not only good for the environment but also wallet as “One size” will fit a new-born till the baby is a toddler and potty trained

I personally use Superbottoms they have these super adorable prints available in New borns, Cover Diapers and All in One (AIO) range which is suited for babies from new born to upto 17 kgs. There are snap buttons to adjust size and provide a snug fit. the cloth diapers usually last for 3-4 Hours depending on baby’s wetting capacity. Also they are the only Indian Cloth Diapers that are tested and safe in accordance with #CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act), USA.

Over all their range I prefer Superbottoms plus AIO (heavy absorbency) , it is ideally suited for night-time diapering or for heavy wetting babies It has this trimmest crotch, making it look slimmer and comfortable for baby.

Superbottoms AIO; Source

About Superbottoms Plus AIO

It contains one Superbottoms plus diaper with attached soaker having suede dry feel fabric which would touch the baby’s bottom, and 1 additional bamboo cotton soaker – attachable with a snap. This gives baby a stay-dry feel all through the night. There is also a pocket at the back wherein you may add an additional soacker if required.

What’s more? Have you checked their amazing quirkiest prints, I am sure you will be drooled to buy all and look out how cute they look on those cute little bum.

Visit their Facebook Page, Instagram page or head straight to their website to check their latest designs and offers.

  1. A Comfy baby Carrier


A good stroller is something which comes to everybody’s mind for easy travelling with a baby. But trust me, one thing that many new parents find precious when their newborns arrive is a baby carrier. As it can be used from Day 1 and the baby is close enough to kiss and hug to provide maximum love and warmth that it needed.

Much like swaddling, a good baby carrier keeps the baby tucked in as if in the womb. Furthermore, it keeps the baby close to heart which can be so comforting for her. Not only are they will help bonding in the early weeks and months, but they also gives freedom to get on with the many tasks involved in being a new parent.

There are several brands available with different variety of carriers available from Ring slings, wraps, Meh dai to full buckles which are well may be suited to from new-borns to toddler hood with minor additions of infant inserts.

I personally have loved SOUL SLINGS full buckle since the moment I tried it for the first time. Do you know you can even try the carriers before you buy!!

Yes, You read it right, SOUL has this Travelling Carrier Program (TCP) wherein they send you a carrier of your choice and you may try and test it for a couple of days before you make your choice to purchase.

Recently I tried SOUL SLING AnoonA from their latest gradient collection. The Material is 100% cotton with beautiful gradients in plain weave. Isn’t the colour gorgeous ??

Heal Anona
Heal AnoonA; Source

About Soul Slings’s AnoonA

˜Anoona” (meaning one without flaws in Kannada) is an absolute stunner from the house of soul Slings as it suits perfectly from birth to toddlerhood with adjustable settings.

This all-cotton carrier offers 5 carry options newborn, front, front facing out, hip and back carries. Its fully adjustable panel cinches at the shoulder, mid-panel and waistband to ensure perfect support to the child at all times. The foldable neck support at the top of the panel is ideal for newborns. Offering the option of crossed (˜X”) or straight (˜H”) shoulder straps, Anoona fits adults from petite to plus-sizes. Buckled shoulder straps also allow users to use this carrier for a hip carry. Little details like a small pocket on the waistband for your essentials and a removable hood ensure that both you and your baby can step out in comfort! Isn’t it an investment for long term.

If you are looking to buy the carrier do visit their page as “Soul turns four” this month and they are running exciting offers on existing and new launches this entire Month of April.

  1. A Nursing gear or Accessories

One thing which all new mom finds difficult while travelling with baby is nursing. Though there are a lot of place like malls and airports where one can find a dedicated nursing room, but the ease a nursing garment would provide is unmatchable.

A hungry baby is most difficult to soothe and waiting to find a nursing place could be even more difficult is such situation. A nursing cover or a pretty nursing top/dress would be something a new-mom would love to get. In those first few months with a newborn, moms can be in that zone between “can’t look at my maternity clothes” and “can’t fit into much else.” A top can make nursing easy and makes her feel beautiful too.

Also if the New mom is a working mom and plan to resume work, what better than gift her something which could help ease her life and balance both her worlds. Fortunately the amendments in the new Maternity Bill allows a women 26 weeks of maternity leaves so that she can nurse the baby for initial 6 months which is highly recommended by all doctors to be completely breast feed. But like other moms I decided to continue feeding my baby for atleast a year. So one thing I swear by was a Brest Pump, it is available in both manual and electronic . But I prefer the Manual one. I bought it within a week of my baby was born as it helped me to keep a check on my milk supply as I was little cautious if my new born is having enough. Also during certain very tiring days I use to pump and refrigerate and my husband would wake up at night to feed the baby so that I could catch up on my sleep.

Also Read: How I track that my NewBorn is having Enough

Thanks for reading!!

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Take care!

How to style your hair effortlessly

We women love dressing up, isn’t it?

We always pay so much attention to select the right clothes, shoes, jewellery, makeup, bags and… the list is endless. But what about hair?

Good hair can definitely make or break our look. But lets accept that all days aren’t good and we all have bad hair days too. So lets try something fun and with lovely tresses and get a new look.

Lets try Faux braids and locs, these are not something new in the hairstyling. Lot of brides prefer to wear them during their wedding functions. Even there are celebrities who rock the award shows and red carpet with their amazing hairdos wearing braids and faux locs. I had always admired them and secretly wished looking like them, if not daily then occasionally offcourse. 😉

Looking at them, I wanted to try braiding. But I wanted something that is simple, easy to install and maintain. Being a mom to an active toddler this seems a quick and easy solution to good hair. So I started my research and during one fine day I landed on this page of Divatress. They have this gorgeous collection of wigs and haircare products.


Some reasons you wont regret trying Divatress

  • They are a life saver on a bad hair day
  • These are low maintenance hence could be used for everyday styling
  • You don’t need to be a braider to install them, they are super easy and a perfect solution for women like me who always struggling to get it right.
  • You may easily apply add your favourite red or burgundy, to the braid for the added oomph factor
  • Abundance of choices available in different kinds of hair colours
  • They are very light weight and super stylish.
  • You can also customise the braiding hair to create a unique look
  • All Top brands are available under one roof,


When you would land on Divatress page, you’ll find various types of braids as their collection is amazing and will surely make you fall in love braids even more.
They offer amazing braiding hair from different brands like Vivica A. Fox, FreeTress, Outre X-Pression, Janet Collection and more.
If you’re looking for these gorgeous crochet locs and braids by Divatress, click here crochet faux locs , which has an awesome collection.

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How to soothe a colicky baby

One of the worst nightmare a sleep deprived new parent may have is a crying baby. If the otherwise healthy baby cries for more than 3 hours for 3 days in a row could probabbly be due to colic pain. It peaks at round 6 weeks of age and though it can be any time of the day but evenings are the worst.

Indigestion is also common in infants and may be one of the reason for Gas as they are still new in learning sucking, swallowing and digesting. Another reason for Gas could be the air swallowed while feed and not burped.

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