How I feed my fussy eater

Like all mothers of a fussy eater, the biggest struggle I face each day, is to prepare and feed healthy meal to my son. Believe it or not all kids of this generation are fussy eaters and mine is one of them. Though I try to offer him home cooked food with all seasonal vegetables but let’s face the truth running after a toddler to make them eat is more frustrating than just being difficult.
They will eat when the food looks fancy or tastes super yummy. How long can we make our little one eat the same boring dal, sabzi, roti, khichdi, halwa, kheer, dosa, idli etc. Give them variety, let them experience different cuisines and develop taste buds.

Trust me when I say that all kids are great observers, they always try to copy us. But when it comes to food some chemical locha always happen 😍😁. So sharing some tips on what all I have tried and worked since T started solids:


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  1. Hey that’s a interesting read. Let me try some of these. Hope my fussy eater eat something.. pasta would be interesting

  2. My daughter is also a fussy eater. I also apply same tricks to her. Thanks for letting us know about such Brand

  3. My son just doesn’t like his pasta and rice if I do not add colourful vegetables. He also loves eating steamed veggies with butter on top.

  4. Three deciding the menu tracking the kids with your favourite ingredients is really a wonderful option to feed them the correct things without them being fussy about it

  5. I came across your post on IG I guess and I have it bookmarked. My baby troubles me with her tantrums while eating and I am on a lookout for food that she will happily gorge on.

  6. I think this is the problem, we all moms are facing!! You have shared good tips, I will try these for sure. Pasta is something easy to cook and good for the kid also. Is it an organic food brand! I must try them.

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